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J.A. Lindeman & Co. PLLC
3190 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 1070
Falls Church, VA 22042 USA
703-776-9701 (fax)


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Inquiries to J.A. Lindeman & Co. PLLC (the “Firm”) may be sent to mail@jalindeman.com.  NOTE: by sending an email to the Firm, you understand and agree that any unsolicited or voluntary information sent may not be treated as confidential.  Sending an email to the Firm will not generally be considered or understood as a request to take any action with respect to the information.  Nor will doing so necessarily establish an attorney-client relationship between the sender or the sender’s company and the Firm.  An attorney-client relationship with the Firm may be established only after the Firm decides to accept an engagement and enters into a written engagement letter with a client.  Any request to take any action, such as filing a patent application with a patent office, may only be made by an existing client of the Firm and must be made by contacting a specific attorney or other authorized representative of the Firm who has responsibility for that client’s activities.  Please review the firm’s full Terms of Use and Privacy Statement before communicating with us through www.jalindeman.com or mail@jalindeman.com.


Attorney Contact Information:
Stephen Bellum | stephen.bellum@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9698
Zarema Gunnels | zarema.gunnels@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9693
Jeff Lindeman | jeff.lindeman@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9705
David Lipson | david.lipson@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9953
Joe Parisi | joe.parisi@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9704
Aaron Raphael | aaron.raphael@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9703

Professional Staff Contact Information:
Ngoc Fig | ngoc.fig@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9695
Rhonda Grant | rhonda.grant@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9702
Eugenia Herrera | accounting@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9694
Rena Seward | rena.seward@jalindeman.com | 703-776-9697