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We believe that ideas matter.  At J. A. Lindeman & Co., we combine years of legal know-how with firsthand industry experience to offer seasoned intellectual property law expertise for clients large and small. Our fundamental goal is to be the intellectual property firm of choice for our clients.  We pride ourselves on being a client-facing firm: focusing on establishing, developing, commercializing and defending our clients’ intellectual property portfolios through straightforward and friendly communication and clear legal strategy.  With clients across a wide range of technologies including information technology, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, design, and manufacturing, our teams confidently address intellectual property challenges and opportunities.  Our clients are innovators and business pros, universities and television networks, startups and industry leaders, and small businesses and multinational corporations—all of whom are busy inventing the technologies and developing the brands that will define tomorrow.  We are here to help them develop and protect their intellectual property.

As chemists, biologists, biotechnologists, and engineers ourselves, we understand the unique challenges that our clients face, and we combine that with our years of legal and business experience to support our clients in all areas of patent and trademark law before the US Patent and Trademark Office, in US courts, in business negotiations and transactions, and international intellectual property matters. We also speak, teach, and write on a variety of topics in intellectual property law and technology.

Combining sound experience with insight and imagination, we are known for the creativity and enthusiasm we bring to every client relationship and matter. Just as originality and innovation are the hallmarks of your brand, creativity and enthusiasm are the ingredients for success and satisfying work – for us and you.

Our Mission:

Many ideas remain only possibilities. We exist to help our client’s ideas to become business realities.